10. Preferences and License dialogues



10.1 Preferences

Several features of the graphical user interface, debugging mode and defaults like microscope type, format of saved images, etc are configurable using the Preferences dialogue (figure 10.1).

Figure 10.1 Preferences dialog

The mailing features  need to be configured first for it is used to initialize the dialogue for requesting the  license. Figure 10.2 shows these features.

Figure 10.02 Mailing features

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server must be configured as well as the From address. The Enable mail button allows sending the new crystal files to To:

Activate the Save check box before closing the dialogue. The selected preferences will be saved and used during the next session.

Several other preferences control the maximum size of HREM images and their resolution. Figure 10.3 shows these preferences.

Figure 10.3 A typical set of imaging preferences

Increasing the pixel size of high resolution images allows faster HREM image calculation, at the expense of lower resolution. Also changing the lowest beam amplitude that will be included in the non-linear HREM image calculation speeds up several calculations.


10.2 License

jems is licensed on a computer basis, i.e. each jems copy is attached to a particular host and serial number. Figure 10.4 shows the license dialogue.

Figure 10.4 License dialogue

The host field is the computer name as it appears in the Network settings. The serial and license code are supplied by P. Stadelmann. A new license is requested by pushing the request button of the request panel (Figure 10.5).

Figure 10.5 Requesting a license

The version, creation date and platform are given on the version panel (Figure 10.6).

Figure 10.6 The version panel.

Figure 10.7 shows the mailing window that is activated to request a new license. It is very important to fill all the fields for they are required to generate the serail number and license code. In particular computer without host name will not be able to run jems.

Figure 10.7 The mailing requesting a new license.


The serial number and license will be return by e-mail. They have to be introduced in the License panel.


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