9. EMS bridge

It is possible to save the crystal files in a form that can be piped into program bu1 of the old ems suite. Menu item "File" & "Export" does the work (figure 9.1).

Figure 9.1 (Exporting crystal files to old ems suite)

Using the ems command (in a DOS command shell) :

bu1 < alxxxx.inp

one creates the crystal data files that are used by most of the programs of the old ems suite. The old suite comes as an option. 

In order to use the old suite it is necessary to set the following environment variables:

This is most easily done under WindowsNT using Settings / Control Panel / System and selecting the Environment panel.  

To verify the settings use  in the MS-DOS Command.com window (set).

The following minimum setting is required:

 It is also necessary to update the system path in order to include the ems executables directory in it. A web documentation is also provided with the old ems suite.